Predictive Modeling


The CUNY Predictive Modeling Club is a group of faculty, students and researchers with a shared interest in modeling and visualizing potentially large and complex public health data. It started in April 2014 by taking first and second prize in a regional data analysis competition (see the UP-STAT Big Data Competition 2014 below), and has gone on to take Coursera courses, organize an R Bootcamp, and other activities. All are welcome – if you want to meet and join activities with people who share a passion for data analysis in public health, please contact us!

Contact: (, or join any of the mailing lists below.
Main mailing list:!forum/cunypredictionclub


UP-STAT Big Data Competition 2014

The CUNY School of Public Health took first and second place in the data competition of the American Statistical Association’s UP-STAT 2014 conference on “Creating and Applying Tools for Massive Data Analytics,” held April 12 2014 in Geneseo, NY. The competition, sponsored by Xerox, focused on identifying high school students at risk for academic failure. Competitors were given de-identified questionnaire results, scores for individual test questions, and demographic data for over 10,000 students in the state of Massachusetts. A panel of judges reviewed the submitted reports, selecting four finalists to present their results at the conference.

R Bootcamp

This 8-hour intensive introduction to the R language for statistical computing was co-instructed by Levi Waldron and Timothy Tickle on August 9, 2014. This course was attended by 29 students from within and outside the club, and can be repeated by request. Slides from these presentations are available at and

VizRisk Data Visualization Competition 2014

This group is being led by Finn Schubert, Epidemiology MPH student. VizRisk ( is the first government prize competition that seeks to use visualizations of behavioral health data to inform personal and policy decisions. Teams are challenged to produce novel and compelling visualizations of the Behavioral Risk Factor and Surveillance System ( and other national public health datasets. The competition is underway at the time of writing.

Mailing list:!forum/vizrisk_cunysph

Coursera Courses

The club has taken several courses together from the Johns Hopkins University “Data Science” stream on Coursera (, including: The Data Scientist’s Toolbox, R Programming, and Practical Machine Learning. If you are interested in finding companions in taking one of these, or another course, inquire on the main mailing list.

Statistical Learning Book Club 2014-2015

This group is being led by Epidemiology DPH student Jesica Rodriguez-Lopez, and will meet weekly on Fridays 12-1pm and take turns presenting sections of the textbook Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R (

Mailing list:!forum/stat_learning

Student Administrative Leadership

Jasmine Abdelnabi (president)
UP-STAT, Coursera, R Bootcamp
MPH Biostatistics, Hunter

Shirley Yang(vice-president)
Coursera, R Bootcamp
MPH Epidemiology, Hunter

Marcel Ramos(secretary)
UP-STAT, Coursera, Book Club, VizRisk
MPH Biostatistics, Hunter

Henry Wang (treasurer)
Book Club, VizRisk
MPH Epidemiology, Hunter



Student Leadership of Activities

Jesica Rodriguez-Lopez
Book Club organizer, UP-STAT team 2 captain
DPH Epidemiology, Graduate Center

Ragheed Al-Dulaimi
Coursera organizer
VizRisk, Book Club
MPH alumnus, Epidemiology, Hunter

Finn Schubert
VizRisk competition organizer
MPH Epidemiology, Hunter

Lindsay Brook
UP-STAT team 1 captain
MPH non-matriculated, Hunter



Allan Uribe
DPH Epidemiology, Graduate Center

Anna Stachel
DPH Epidemiology, Graduate Center

Michelle Glaser
UP-STAT, Book Club
DPH Epidemiology, Graduate Center

Jennifer Brite
UP-STAT, Book Club, Coursera
DPH Epidemiology, Graduate Center

Kezhen Fei
UP-Stat, Book Club, Coursera
DPH Epidemiology, Graduate Center

Sal Leggio
DPH Epidemiology, Graduate Center

Cristina Pollari
UP-STAT, Book Club
MPH Epidemiology, Hunter

Xiaoliang Ma
MPH Epidemiology, Hunter

Cody Boppert
MS Computer Science, CCNY


CUNY Faculty

Katarzyna Wyka

Heidi Jones
Book Club, Coursera

Mary Schooling
Book Club

Alexis Feinberg (Health Policy and Management)
Book Club

Ashish Joshi (Assistant Dean of Students)

Levi Waldron
All so far


Guests from the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

Timothy Tickle
Coursera, Book Club, R Bootcamp

Brian Haas
Coursera, Book Club

Eleanor Howe
Book Club