FAQ for Current Students

Frequently Asked Questions for Current Students

Yes. Courses may be audited with instructor’s permission and based on availability. Students must formally register to audit courses in the same manner as any other course after receiving permission. The grade notation ‘AUD,’ which carries no earned credit, cannot be changed to any other credit-bearing grade. Audited courses will be included in the calculation of total credits to determine full- or part-time status. Audited courses cannot be used towards financial aid eligibility and therefore will not count towards financial aid load. Auditing is only available for currently active students. You can request to audit a class by filling out the Course Audit Request form.

HPAM – Betsy Eastwood

EOHS – Mary Schooling

CHSS – Diana Romero (Department Chair), Sandra Echeverria (Deputy Department Chair)

EPI/BIO – Luisa Borrell

To have an event added to the Student Events Calendar, contact Tamar Pacht. To inquire about having an event promoted via other CUNY SPH channels, please contact Sumana Chandra. Also, consider sharing your event via the CUNY SPH Student Discussion Group.

Check the Student Events Calendar, which features events around NYC, including those hosted by CUNY SPH.

You can also follow CUNY SPH on Facebook and Twitter, for information on upcoming events.

There is no fee for sending a transcript from another CUNY school to CUNY SPH. Please note that new applicants must send transcripts directly to SOPHAS, which will incur a fee.

If the class is a graduate-level class that is relevant and you get approval from your department head and the registrar, you may be allowed to take the class.

NYC Well is your connection to free, confidential crisis counseling, mental health and substance misuse support, information and referral.

For more information on health services, please visit http://sph.cuny.edu/student-services/resources/healthcare-counseling-wellness/

We recommend that you complete all the core classes before attempting to change your concentration. To start the process, fill out the Change of Concentration/Track Request form. We cannot guarantee that your request will be approved. Please note that the same committee that reviewed your application will also review this request. Therefore, if you were rejected from the concentration that you would like to switch into, unless things have changed on your end (for example, you retook your GREs and scored higher or you got a new job related to the desired concentration), you may be rejected again. You may also be asked to provide additional documents such as a new personal statement.

Please visit Academic Advising for resources, FAQs, and additional information. You may also email advising@sph.cuny.edu.

Full time status for certificate and MPH/MS students is 12 credits. For doctoral students, it is 7 credits. Only International and Veteran students are required to maintain full time status.  If a student wants to get federal aid, then they need to register for 6 credits; all other students may register for the number of credits as they see fit.

You can find job postings for on campus positions as well as postings that organizations send us on our Job Openings page. In addition, check out the individual websites for our centers and institutes, as they often have job postings. Feel free to reach out to faculty members who share your research interests and see if they or anyone they know is hiring.