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Contact Us

If you have questions, the table below provides useful contacts. You can also join us for a virtual chat session, or send us your questions using the form at the end of this page.

Whom to Contact for What (current as of 1.9.19)
Topic Main Contact Person(s) Other Contact(s) and Comments
Academic Advising

Tel: (646) 364-9639  Room: 507

To schedule an appointment:

Tel: (646) 364-9507  Room: 508

The Admissions Office can assist students with immunizations, NYS residency applications, re-admissions, and certificate to degree program transition.
Alumni Relations

Tel: (646) 364-9644  Room: 514-J

The SPH Alumni Network hosts events that provide opportunities for mentoring and networking between alumni and current students.
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs & Alumni Relations

Tel: (646) 364-0253  Room: 811

Students can reach out to Assistant Dean Roberts via e-mail at any time with concerns or compliments related to their experience as a student.
Blackboard (Bb)

Tel: (646) 364-9555  Room: 538

BlackBoard is the virtual learning and course management system for the CUNY SPH. All inquiries for obtaining access or troubleshooting can be directed to the HelpDesk.

For more info:

Bookstore Students can log-in to the SPH On-Line Book Store with their CUNYFirst credentials to purchase textbooks, supplies and SPH swag.

Tel: (646) 364-9550  Room: 550

The Bursar’s Office is available to assist with billing, tuition payments and refunds.
Career Services

Tel: (646) 364-9644  Room: 514-J

The Career Services Office provides career related support for job and internship search. To schedule an appointment:
Disability Services

Tel: (646) 364-9770  Room: 724

The Office of Student Disabilities Services (SDS) provides appropriate and reasonable accommodations to all students with disabilities as mandated by federal law. To register with SDS:
Financial Aid

Tel: (646) 364-9661  Room: 545

The Financial Aid Office provides assistance with student scholarships, loans, and tuition reimbursement.
Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)

Tel: (347) 921-2391

The HRPP Office provides regulatory and administrative oversight of human subjects research (HSR) conducted by SPH faculty, staff, and students to ensure high quality ethical research in compliance with federal and CUNY policies.

For more info:

Identification (ID) Cards

Tel: (646) 364-0272 or (646) 364-0275

Students must carry their IDs at all times while on campus. Students should contact Public Safety immediately to either obtain or replace an ID.
International Student Office (ISO)

(646) 364-9537  Room: 537

ISO Director Lea Dias is available to support with I-20, CPT, OPT, work and travel authorizations, housing searches and other adjustments to living in the U.S.
Internships and Experiential Learning

Tel: (646) 364-0249  Room: 806

All SPH students have a field work experience as  part of their education. The Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) supports the fieldwork process and responds to the requirements for applied and experiential learning set forth by the SPH’s accrediting body, the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

For more info:

IT Help Desk

Tel: (646) 364-9555  Room: 538

IT Student Resource Information:

Library Services

For more info:
Photocopying & Printing

Tel: (646) 364-9555  Room: 538

Students have an allotment for making photocopies and printing while on campus.
Public Safety & Security

Tel: (646) 364-0272 or (646) 364-0275

Room: 7th Floor Security Desk

In the event of an emergency or public safety concern students should contact the Public Safety Office in-person or via phone.

Tel: (646) 364-9506  Room: 506

For timely assistance with registration issues, email

inquiries should be sent using student SPH email address and must include the CUNYFirst student ID number in the email for verification and to abide by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Sexual & Interpersonal 


Prevention and Response Course

(SPARC) Training


General Info:

Technical Support: Sergio.Costa@sph,



In keeping with the NYS “Enough is Enough” law, SPARC educates students about sexual misconduct (including domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment and sexual violence), ways to prevent it, and the campus’ response to a complaint. CUNY requires all incoming students to complete SPARC On-Line training in their first academic year.

Training modules available via BlackBoard:

Student Academic Issues Administrative support provided by:

Tel: (646) 364-9553  Room: 514-L

Tel: (646) 364-9552  Room: 514-M

Each SPH academic department is assigned an Administrator to assist students with special academic issues that might arise such as grade changes, class permissions, identifying faculty advisors, incompletes, independent study, leaves of absence, maintenance of matriculation, probation, withdrawal, etc.

Copy: Department Chairs

Tel: (646) 364-0254  Room: 812

Tel: (646) 364-9530  Room: 530

Tel: (646) 364-9519  Room: 519

Tel: (646) 364-9525  Room: 525

Student Government (Graduate Student Government Association) Email:


The Graduate Student Government Association (GSGA) is a student-elected body supported by Student Activity Fee funds to fulfill its responsibilities to serve the CUNY SPH student body.



Student Life

Tel: (646) 364-9863  Room: 514-G

Still not sure where to go? Contact the Student Life Coordinator who can direct your inquiry.

The Student Life Coordinator also handles administrative appeals and serves as liaison to the Title IX Coordinator, Office of Student Disability Services, and the student government association.

Student Support (Counseling) CUNY Counseling & Mental Health Resources:

Students are also encouraged to reach out to their faculty advisors or the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs & Alumni Relations if experiencing distress.
Student Support Tutoring (quantitative)

Tel: (646) 364-9585  Room: 624-L

To schedule an appointment for help with quantitative skills:
Student Support Tutoring (writing) To schedule an appointment for help with writing:
Title IX Campus Title IX Coordinator: Edith Rivera


Tel: (212) 817-7410


Title IX Liaison: Velvet Brown


Tel: (646) 364-9863



Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”) is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities at universities receiving federal funds. Under Title IX, discrimination on the basis of sex can include sexual harassment or sexual violence, such as rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, and sexual coercion.

For more information:

Wellness Room Quiet and private space is available for breast/chest feeding parents to pump and store milk. Room: 819 Visit 7th Floor Security Desk for access and escort to 8th Floor.

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