Mary Bassett, NYC Health Commissioner, speaking at The Forum. Photo by Ari Mintz. 3/26/2014.

Dr. Mary Bassett, NYC Health Commissioner, speaking at the Forum. Photo by Ari Mintz. 3/26/2014.

On March 26th, the City University of New York School of Public Health, in partnership with seven other health organizations, sponsored the Intersectoral Forum on Advancing Health and Equity in New York City. The Forum’s goal was to bring together city officials from the de Blasio Administration, health providers, community organizations, and researchers to consider how best to maintain the public health advances of the Bloomberg years while taking on the deeper causes of ill health such as poverty, income inequality, unemployment, and inadequate housing. More than 180 people from 60 different organizations attended the Forum. They heard analyses of city health problems and lessons from other cities and participated in developing specific recommendations for the new Mayor to make progress on improving the health of the city’s young children; increasing access to healthy food; providing more safe, affordable housing; connecting older New Yorkers to needed services; creating more jobs for the unemployed; linking people to necessary mental health services; and reducing youth violence and unintended pregnancy.

  • View a slideshow describing the goals and recommendations from the Forum.
  • Read the full program for the Forum.
  • See the slide show of Dr. Marc Gourevitch, Chair of the Department of Population Health at the New York University School of Medicine, on changes in population health in New York City in the last 20 years.
  • See a slide show of Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Executive Director of the Boston Public Health Commission, that illustrates her approach to help make reducing health inequity a primary goal of Boston’s public health activities.
  • See a video of the Forum’s closing talk by Dr. Mary Bassett, the Commissioner of Health of New York City, the introduction by CUNY SPH Dean Ayman El-Mohandes, and the final Q&A with Dr. Bassett.
  • Read the Information Sheets distributed to each working group at the Forum.
  • To join the Forum’s e-mail list, send your name, title, and contact information to Catherine Diamond at

Many thanks to the Forum Co-Sponsors: Bronx Health Reach, The Brooklyn Food Coalition, The Institute for Family Health, The New York Academy of Medicine, Primary Care Development Corporation, Public Health Solutions, and We Act for Environmental Justice.