Recordings of Past Events

Urban Food Policy Forum
Food security in New York in 2018 and beyond

Grand Rounds Lecture
Inheritance and health: What really matters for health equity?
Nancy Krieger

CIMH – Mental Health Methods Seminar
LADDERS: A dynamic framework for planning, implementing, and evaluating sustainable change
Paul Meissner

Urban Food Policy Forum
Gentrification and the local food environment

Grand Rounds Lecture
Primary mental health care in Brazil: New perspectives
Sandra Fortes

CIMH – Mental Health Methods Seminar
No health without mental health
Sandra Fortes

Grand Rounds Lecture
The average treatment effect: A construct ripe for retirement
S. V. Subramanian

CIMH – Mental Health Methods Seminar
Qualitative methods in implementation research: Finding the right balance
Deborah Padgett

Grand Rounds Lecture
Achieving health equity: Tools for a national campaign against racism
Camara Phyllis Jones

Food system issues and challenges
Robert Gottlieb, Simon Ng

Grand Rounds Lecture
Strengthening Implementation Science to Advance Child Health

Stefan Peterson

Urban Food Policy Forum
Evaluating community Food Programs


Grand Rounds Lecture
The Prevention Agenda and NYS Health Care Reforms

Jo Ivey Boufford

Jo Ivey Boufford discusses the health care reforms in the state of New York.

Urban Food Policy Forum
New Opportunities for Improving Food within NYCHA Communities


To many planners and health advocates, the NYCHA community is well-positioned for food innovation, which has led to the development of several public/private initiatives encompassing urban agriculture, good food entrepreneurship, and increased quality and quantity of food retail outlets.

Grand Rounds Lecture
Metals and Cardiovascular Disease

Ana Navas-Acien

Ana Navas-Acien discusses the relationship between metals and cardiovascular disease, and opportunities for disease prevention.

Urban Food Policy Forum
Food Systems and Regional Planning


With food playing such a pivotal role in the life of cities, planners are increasingly looked upon to take more of a central and active part in shaping the urban food environment. This forum looks at ways this is happening in New York City.

Grand Rounds Lecture
Toward a Unified Methodology of Study Design and Statistical Analysis

Donna Spiegelman

Toward a Unified Methodology of Study Design and Statistical Analysis for Causal Inference in Implementation Science

Out in the Rural
Thomas Ward, Dr. Jack Geiger

Out in the Rural: A Mississippi Health Center and Its War on Poverty. A seminar celebrating the publication of this book, featuring the author, Thomas Ward, and special guest, Dr. Jack Geiger.

Food Benefits and the Health of Immigrants
Anabel Perez-Jimenz, Nicholas Freudenberg

Grand Rounds Lecture
Taming Wicked Problems

Jonathan Aitken

Jonathan Aitken discusses how design thinking can contribute to solving some of the most difficult issues in healthcare.

Grand Rounds Lecture
Enigmas of Health and Disease

Alfredo Morabia

Alfredo Morabia discusses how epidemiology helps unravel scientific mysteries.

Grand Rounds Lecture
School Lunch for All

Janet Poppendieck