DPH Students

DPH Students

DPH Students must complete a supervised fieldwork experience (minimum 180 hours) and enroll in the fieldwork course (PUBH 896). The fieldwork course is only offered in the fall and spring. If students prefer to complete the fieldwork experience during the summer, they should consult their faculty advisors to determine eligibility.

Students may select from one of the following three options to meet the fieldwork requirement:

Option 1
Students may use their fieldwork hours to explore an area of interest in consideration for their dissertation topic. This qualifies as a pre-2nd exam exploration. Beyond the requisite literature search, this may be achieved by devoting a dedicated amount of time (not necessarily all 180 hours) within an organization that addresses topics/problems of interest to probe and identify issues in need of further inquiry. This would include the identification of a research question. The remaining hours could be devoted to organizing the findings or observations to produce a report of a well explored area for dissertation research, or an identified research question for the 2nd exam or dissertation.

Option 2
Students identify a public health problem or issue of special interest and pursue an in-depth inquiry to find answers or explanations. This also qualifies as the pre 2nd exam exploration. This requires research in the form of:

  • a literature review of the topic
  • review and analysis of media and news outlets’ reporting
  • interviews with members of the “public” to assess their understanding of the problem
  • interviews with key experts, and others

The final product could be an article written for a journal, or a relevant magazine that reaches the public with accurate information.  In the process, the student also could be pursuing topics of interest for a dissertation.

Option 3
Students find a fieldwork site to conduct a project or study of interest to a host organization, and produce a defined deliverable at the end of the experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am ready to do my fieldwork project. What steps do I take?
Prior to the semester you plan to do the fieldwork project, speak with your faculty advisor, and determine which option is the right option for you. Contact the Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) to inform them of your plans. Develop a learning agreement that is appropriate for the option you select, and review with your faculty advisor and appropriate OEL staff. Once complete, send your learning agreement to oel@sph.cuny.edu for final approval and processing.

How do I find a fieldwork site?
OEL provides a list of pre-approved sites for review. Students also can find an appropriate setting outside of this list, and request OEL approval. Please email oel@sph.cuny.edu.