Faculty & Staff


Marilyn Aguirre-Molina

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Lehman College
Email: marilyn.aguirre-molina@lehman.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 917-731-4323

Areas of Interest: Health equity for ethnic/racial populations, structural factors affecting health, Latino health and AIDS and inequality.

Degrees: Ed.D., Columbia University – Health Education and Administration , Columbia University – M.S. Public Health Education , B.S. Health Sciences (Community Health Education), Hunter College, CUNY

Title: Professor


Marilyn Auerbach

College: Hunter College

Email: mauerbac@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7728

Areas of Interest: Families and chronic disease, women’s health, reproductive health, program planning, health policy

Degrees: BA, Emerson College; AMLS, University of Michigan; MPH, Columbia University; DrPH, Columbia University

Title: Acting Senior Associate Dean

Juan Battle

College: The CUNY Graduate Center

Email: jbattle@gc.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-817-8775

Areas of Interest: Race, sexuality, and social justice; quantitative methods

Degrees: PhD University of Michigan; BA, York College (Pennsylvania)

Title: Professor

Barbara Berney

College: Hunter College

Email: bberney@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7756

Areas of Interest: Health advocacy; working conditions of health-services workers and other workers; impact of work on worker and family health; environmental justice; health- care quality

Degrees: Ph.D., Boston University; MPH, UCLA; BA, Reed College

Title: Associate Professor and Program Director, Health, Policy, and Management (HPM)

Sikha Bhaduri

College: Hunter College

Email: sbhaduri@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7789

Areas of Interest: Food Science and Technology, Applied and Industrial Microbiology, Molecular Biology.

Degrees: Ph.D., M.Tech and B.Tech in Food Technology and Biochemical Engineer, Jadavpur University. India, BS, Chemistry, Calcutta University, India

Title: College Laboratory Tech

Luisa Borrell

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Lehman College

Email: luisa.borrell@lehman.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-960-8549
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Areas of Interest: Epidemiologic methods, social determinants of health, social epidemiology

Degrees: D.D.S., Columbia Univ.; PhD, Univ. of Michigan

Title: Associate Professor and Epidemiology, DPH Track Coordinator


Jack Caravanos

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College

Email: jcaravan@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7780

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Areas of Interest: Urban lead contamination (sources and dispersion of lead- contaminated dust), International environmental site assessments, environmental exposure and risk assessment

Degrees: DrPH, 1984, Columbia University; M.S., 1979, Polytechnic Institute of New York, Brooklyn; B.S., 1977, Hunter College CUNY, NYC

Title: Associate Professor and Program Director, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences (EOHS)


Tracy Chu

College: Brooklyn College

Email: tchu@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-951-5000 x6287

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Areas of Interest: Infant mortality, immigration, program evaluation

Degrees: Hunter College/CUNY – BS Health Sciences (Community Health Education) Columbia University – MS Public Health Education Columbia University – EdD Health Education and Administration

Title: Assistant Professor

Neal Cohen

College: Hunter College

Email: ncoh@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7561

Areas of Interest: Public health prevention programs; Mental health in urban populations

Degrees: M.D., New York University School of Medicine

Title: Acting Associate Provost for Health and Social Welfare at Hunter College

Martha Crum

College: Hunter College

Email: mcrum@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7740

Areas of Interest: Health disparities, evaluation, methods, public discourse

Degrees: PhD in Sociology

Title: Visiting Assistant Professor

Jessie Daniels

College: Hunter College

Email: jdaniels@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7737

Areas of Interest: Racism, new media and health, incarceration and health

Degrees: PhD, University of Texas (Sociology)

Title: Professor


Jennifer Dowd

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College

Email: jdowd@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7748

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Areas of Interest: Relationships among education, income and antibody response to latent infection as a marker of stress and immune function; immunity as mediator between socioeconomic status and chronic disease outcomes

Degrees: Ph.D., Princeton University (Demography and Economics); University of Michigan , Postdoctoral fellowship, Epidemiology, B.A. Washington and Lee University

Title: Assistant Professor


Elizabeth (Betsy) A. Eastwood

College: Brooklyn College, The CUNY Graduate Center

Email: eastwood@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-951-5000 x2755

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Sociobehavioral issues among adolescents with HIV; program development for HIV/AIDS; risk reduction; HIV/AIDS; health policy, administration, and financing

Degrees: Doctor of Philosophy, Brandeis University – 1984 (Social Welfare); Boston College School of Social Work Research MSW 1979 Hampshire College Psychology BA 1974

Title: Associate Professor and Campus Director, Brooklyn College, General Public Health and Health Care Policy and Administration

Mimi Fahs

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College

Email: mfahs@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7758

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Cost effectiveness of prevention, health policy analysis, economics of illness, urban aging, health disparities, public health economics, health-care access, immigrant health, health outcomes

Degrees: Ph.D., University of Michigan, Rackham School of Graduate Studies, Health Management and Policy (Economics) 1985, University of Michigan, School of Public Health Community Health M.P.H. 1973; Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Virginia

Title: Professor and Interim Director of Research


Nicholas Freudenberg

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College

Email: nfreuden@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7738

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Public health policy, urban health, incarceration and health, health impact of corporate practices

Degrees: DrPH, Columbia University, 1979; MPH, Columbia University, 1977; Bachelor of Science, Hunter College, 1975

Title: Distinguished Professor & DPH Executive Officer; Campus Director, Graduate Center


Ann Gaba

College: Hunter College

Email: agaba@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7773

Areas of Interest: Nutrition education, experiential teaching and learning, and nutritional factors in the prevention and care of movement disorders

Degrees: Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University; MS Health Education from Russell Sage College; BS Community Nutrition, Cornell University

Title: Assistant Professor and Dietetic Internship Director


William Gallo

College: Hunter College

Email: william.gallo@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7759

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Health consequences of job loss, health economics, research design

Degrees: BS University of Hartford, 1987; MBA American Graduate School of International management, 1990; MA, University of Ct., Storrs; PhD, University of Ct, Storrs, 1999

Title: Associate Professor


Elizabeth Glass Geltman

College: Hunter College

Email: eg86@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7762

Areas of Interest: shale gas extraction, environmental audits, environmental management systems, brownfields redevelopment

Degrees: Ll.M., Georgetown University School of Law; J.D., University of Baltimore School of Law; A.B., Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences

Title: Visiting Associate Professor

Marthe Gold

College: The City College of New York, The CUNY Graduate Center

Email: goldmr@med.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-650-7794

Areas of Interest: Differentials in health status and health outcomes among disadvantaged populations, measurement of health status using summary measures of health, cost-effectiveness methodology to inform resource allocation decisions in public health and medical care settings

Degrees: M.D. 1980, Tufts University School of Medicine; M.P.H. 1986, Columbia University School of Public Health , B.S. 1976, Hunter College;

Title: Professor and Chair, Department of Community Health and Social Medicine

Jean Grassman

College: Brooklyn College, The CUNY Graduate Center

Email: grassman@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-951-5000 x2752

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Occupational and environmental health, toxicology, the application, use and ethics of biological monitoring.

Degrees: PhD, University Of California – Berkeley – 1993 (Environmental Health Sciences); M.S., University of California-Berkeley – 1989 (Environmental Health Sciences/Industrial Hygiene); B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison – 1982 (Zoology/Anthropology)

Title: Associate Professor and Environmental and Occupational Health, DPH Track Coordinator

James Greenberg

College: Brooklyn College

Email: jamesg@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-951-5000 x2736

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Nutritional epidemiology, obesity research

Degrees: HPhD, University of California- Berkeley – 1971 (Engineering)

Title: Associate Professor


Michele Greene

College: Brooklyn College, The CUNY Graduate Center

Email: mggreene@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-951-5000 ext: 2756

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Physician-patient communication and health communication; medical education and training; geriatric medicine; women’s health

Degrees: DrPH, Columbia University – 1981 (Sociomedical Sciences); M.A., SUNY at Buffalo – 1974 (Sociology); B.A., Queens College, CUNY – 1971 (Education/Sociology)

Title: Professor


Christian Grov

College: Brooklyn College

Email: cgrov@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-951-5000 x1230

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Sexuality, drugs, and contextual risk behavior, HIV, men who have sex with men

Degrees: Doctor of Philosophy, Graduate School and University Center – CUNY – 2007 (Sociology); Master of Philosophy, Graduate School and University Center – CUNY – 2006 (Sociology); Master of Public Health, Hunter College – CUNY – 2006 (Community Health Education), Master of Arts, University of Florida – 2003 (Sociology); Bachelor of Arts, University of Florida – 2001 (Sociology and Psychology)

Title: Associate Professor


Sean Haley

College: Brooklyn College

Email: sjhaley@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-951-5000 x2776

Areas of Interest: Professor Haley’s research focuses on the influence health systems have on the health status of vulnerable populations. Currently his work focuses on performance contracting and performance measures in health care with a specific emphasis on public sector substance abuse treatment services. He is a former NIAAA trainee and served as a Policy Research Scientist under A. Thomas McLellan at the Treatment Research Institute in Philadelphia.

Degrees: Ph.D. Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University; MPH, University of Michigan’s School of Public Health; BA, University of Vermont

Title: Assistant Professor


David Himmelstein

College: Hunter College

Email: dhimmels@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7760

Areas of Interest: Health policy, financing and organization of national health systems

Degrees: B.A. Bennington College, M.D. Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Title: Professor


Shiro Horiuchi

College: Hunter College

Email: shoriuch@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7749

Areas of Interest: Health demography with focus on longevity and aging; quantitative methods and mathematical models in health sciences and social sciences

Degrees: Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1981; M.A., Keio University, 1972; B.A., Keio University, 1970

Title: Professor


Lydia Isaac

College: Hunter College

Email: lydia.isaac@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7739

Areas of Interest: Community influences on health, health disparities

Degrees: PhD, Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Title: Assistant Professor and Program Director, Undergraduate Community Health (COMHE)


Heidi Jones

College: Hunter College

Email: hjon@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7750

Areas of Interest: Improving prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, including HPV, and prevention of cervical cancer; clinical trials for candidate vaginal microbicides to prevent heterosexual transmission of HIV, as well as interventions aimed at improving contraceptive services and management of sexually transmitted infections in resource poor settings

Degrees: PhD, 2010, Columbia University; MPH, 1990, Hunter College, CUNY, NYC

Title: Assistant Professor


Elizabeth Kelvin

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College

Email: ekelvin@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7751

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health

Degrees: Ph.D., Columbia University, 2007 Epdemiology; Tulane University, New Orleans M.A. 1995 Latin American Studies; Columbia University, New York, M.P.H. 2001 Epidemiology; University of Chicago, Chicago, B.A. 1989 Psychology (biopsychology)

Title: Professor


Susan Klitzman

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College

Email: sklitzma@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7727

Areas of Interest: Evaluation and control of urban environmental hazards, childhood lead poisoning control, urban environmental epidemiology

Degrees: DrPH, 1985, Columbia University; MPH, 1982, Columbia University; BA, 1978, SUNY Binghamton

Title: Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


Kiyoka Koizumi

College: Brooklyn College

Email: kkoizumi@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-951-5000 x2748

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Community health education

Degrees: Doctor of Philosophy, University of Illinois – 1983 (Health Education)

Title: Assistant Professor

Mary Clare Lennon

College: The CUNY Graduate Center

Email: MLennon@gc.cuny.edu

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Gender and health, poverty, child well-being, homelessness

Degrees: Ph.D., Columbia, Sociology; M.S., Columbia, Biostatistics

Title: Professor


May May Leung

College: Hunter College

Email: mm.leung@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7774

Areas of Interest: Development and evaluation of school and community-based interventions to prevent childhood obesity; Research translation and dissemination of evidence-based obesity prevention interventions and policies; Engaging and empowering youth to promote health promotion changes

Degrees: PhD in Public Health Nutrition from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MS in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Title: Assistant Professor


Betty Wolder Levin

College: Brooklyn College, The CUNY Graduate Center

Email: bwlevin@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-951-5000 x2744

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Public health, bioethics, social factors affecting health and health care

Degrees: Doctor of Philosophy, Columbia University – 1986 (Sociomedical Sciences); M.A., Columbia University – 1977 (Anthropology); B.A., Barnard College – 1969 (Anthropology)

Title: Professor and Campus Director, Brooklyn College


Juliana Maantay

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Lehman College

Email: Juliana.Maantay@lehman.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-960-8574

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Environmental Justice; Health disparities; Built Environment and Health; Urban hazards and risk assessment; Environmental modeling; Environmental Policy and Planning

Degrees: Ph.D. Environmental Geography – Rutgers University; M.U.P. Urban Environmental Planning – New York University; M.A. Environmental Geography/GISx – Hunter College, CUNY; M.Phil. Environmental Geography – Rutgers University; B.Sc. Environmental Analysis and Design – Cornell University

Title: Associate Professor


Barbara Menendez

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Lehman College

Email: bsmenendez@optonline.net

Office Phone: 718-960-8489

Areas of Interest: Differences in incidence and mortality risk between subgroups of Hispanic populations and the non-Hispanic white and African-American populations in the US, Differences between first- and second-generation Hispanic subgroups in NYC

Degrees: Ph.D., Univ. of Pittsburgh; M.P.H., B.A. Univ. of Wisconsin;

Title: Associate Professor

Frank Mirer

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College

Email: fmirer@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7782

Areas of Interest: Occupational health, toxicology

Degrees: Ph.D., 1972, Harvard University; AM, 1967, Harvard University; AB, 1966, Columbia University

Title: Professor


Alfredo Morabia

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Queens College

Email: am52@columbia.edu

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Transportation and health, history of epidemiologic ideas

Degrees: Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University(Epidemiology); M.D., University of Geneva

Title: Professor


Denis Nash

College: Hunter College

Email: dnash@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7752

Areas of Interest: Domestic and international HIV/AIDS epidemiology and surveillance, including monitoring and evaluation of antiretroviral therapy programs internationally; cancer epidemiology, and health disparities in urban populations

Degrees: Ph.D. 1999, University of Maryland

Title: Professor

Khursheed Navder

College: Hunter College

Email: knavder@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7775

Areas of Interest: Research in biochemical and metabolic regulations of lipid and alcohol metabolism

Degrees: Ph.D., Kansas State University; MS and BS from India

Title: Professor and Program Director,Nutrition (BS,MPH, MS-DPD)


Gerald Oppenheimer

College: Brooklyn College, The CUNY Graduate Center

Email: geraldo@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-951-5000 x2740

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: History of public health and medicine; history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Degrees: Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1976 (History); NIH and NIMH Post-doctoral Fellow in Epidemiology, Columbia University; M.A. University of Chicago, 1966; M.P.H. Columbia University, 1979 (Epidemiology); B.A. City College of New York, 1964

Title: Broeklundian Distinguished Professor


Jeffrey Parsons

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College

Email: jeffrey.parsons@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-772-5533

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: HIV/AIDS, LGBT issues, substance use/ abuse, sexuality

Degrees: Ph.D., University of Houston, Psychology

Title: Professor


Charles Platkin

College: Hunter College

Email: cplatkin@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7741

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Nutrition and physical activity communications and education, adult and childhood obesity, weight management, food and fitness policy, menu labeling

Degrees: PhD, Florida International University; JD, Fordham University; MPH, Florida International University; BS, Cornell University

Title: Distinguished Lecturer


Stacey Plichta

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College

Email: splichta@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7755

Areas of Interest: Health services research; health care policy, hospital practice and health issues associated with intimate partner violence and rape; adolescent contraceptive use and pregnancy

Degrees: Doctor of Science Health Services Research – Johns Hopkins University; Post-Doctoral Fellow Children’s Mental Health & Domestic Violence, Yale University, Institute for Social and Policy Studies; BS Psychology & Environmental Design – SUNY Buffalo

Title: Professor, Program Director and DPH Track Coordinator, Health Policy and Management (HPM)

Lynn Roberts

College: Hunter College

Email: lroberts@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7742

Areas of Interest: Adolescent and women’s health; violence prevention; community organizing & development; health disparities

Degrees: Ph.D., Cornell University, 1990; B.S., Howard University, 1984

Title: Assistant Professor


Diana Romero

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College

Email: diana.romero@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7743

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Poverty policy, maternal and child health, reproductive health, racial/ethnic health disparities, Latino health

Degrees: Ph.D., Sociomedical Science, Columbia University; M.A., Scientific and Environmental Reporting, New York University; M.A., M Phil Sociomedical Science, Columbia University; B.A., Biology, New York University

Title: Associate Professor and Community, Society and Health, DPH Track Coordinator


Barbara Katz Rothman

College: Baruch College, The CUNY Graduate Center

Email: bkatzrothman@gc.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-817-8796

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Medical sociology, bioethics, gender and the sociology of knowledge, women’s health and reproduction

Degrees: Ph.D., New York University(Sociology); B.A., M.A., Brooklyn College

Title: Professor

Office Phone: 646-312-4470


Mary Schooling

College: Hunter College

Email: mschooli@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7753

Areas of Interest: Effects of social and historical forces over the life course on disease risk

Degrees: PhD 2000, University College of London

Title: Professor

Grace Sembajwe

College: Hunter College

Email: gsembajw@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7735

Areas of Interest: Exposure Assessment, Work Environment, Epidemiology (environmental/occupational), Biomarkers, Psychosocial stress

Degrees: Sc.D. in Epidemiology, M.S. in Industrial Hygiene

Title: Associate Professor

Nancy Sohler

College: The City College of New York, The CUNY Graduate Center

Email: nsohler@med.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-650-7786

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Examination of barriers to health care for underserved populations, evaluation of medical outreach for unstably housed people with HIV, examination of how pharmaceutical marketing practices impact health-care choices and disparities in treatment for chronic disease

Degrees: Ph.D., 2000, Columbia University, School of Public Health; M.P.H., 1995, Columbia University, School of Public Health; B.A., 1991 Friends World College, Huntington, NY

Title: Associate Professor


Arlene Spark

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College

Email: aspark@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7772

Areas of Interest: Nutrition policy, pediatric nutrition, nutrition education, and eating disorders

Degrees: Ed.D., M.S., Ed.M., Columbia University Teachers College.

Title: Professor


Ida Susser

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College

Email: isusser@hunter.cuny.edu

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Gender, reproductive rights, HIV/AIDS, U.S., Southern Africa, international health issues, health and social justice, social movements around health

Degrees: PhD, Columbia

Title: Professor

Lorna Thorpe

College: Hunter College

Email: lthor@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7746

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Chronic disease epidemiology; public health surveillance

Degrees: Ph.D., University of Illinois-Chicago (Epidemiology); MPH, University of Michigan; BA, Johns Hopkins University

Title: Professor and Program Director,Epidemiology and Biostatistics (EPI)


Emma Tsui

College: Lehman College

Email: emma.tsui@lehman.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 347-577-4038

Areas of Interest: The relationship between work and health, social determinants of health, food policy, qualitative research, ethnography.

Degrees: Ph.D., Health, Behavior and Society, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; M.P.H., Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Title: Assistant Professor and Campus Director


Anahi Viladrich

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Queens College

Email: anahi.viladrich@qc.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-481-5154

Areas of Interest: Immigration and health, global/international health, ethnomedicine, cultural determinants of health, health disparities and qualitative research methods

Degrees: Ph.D., Sociomedical Science, Columbia University; MA, New School of Social Research; MA, Columbia University

Title: Associate Professor


Raymond Weston

College: Brooklyn College

Email: rweston@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-951-5000 x2743

Campus Bio »

Areas of Interest: Health disparities, community health

Degrees: Ph.D., Rutgers University – Rutgers College – 1977 (Psychology, Clinical); Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, National Institutes Of Health – 1996 (HIV/AIDS Research)

Title: Associate Professor

Stephanie Woolhandler

College: Hunter College

Email: swoolhan@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7761

Areas of Interest: Health policy; financing and organization of national health systems

Degrees: B.A. Stanford University, M.D. Louisiana State University, M.P.H.University of California, Berkeley

Title: Professor


Xiaowei Yang

College: Hunter College

Email: xy15@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7747

Areas of Interest: Biostatistics; developing Bayesian variable selection strategies for biomarker identification in high-throughput genomics data

Degrees: Ph.D. Biostatistics, UCLA; MS Biomedical Engineering, Peking Union Medical College

Title: Associate Professor and Visitng Associate Professsor

Ming-Chin Yeh

College: The CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College

Email: myeh@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7776

Areas of Interest: Intervention strategies to promote fruit and vegetable consumption in multi-ethnic populations, weight management for those who are overweight or obese

Degrees: PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; MEd, Columbia University; MS, New York University; BS, Taipei Medical College, Taiwan

Title: Associate Professor


Christina Zarcadoolas

College: Hunter College

Email: czarcado@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7745

Areas of Interest: Health Literacy and Public Understanding of Science

Degrees: PhD Brown University, Sociolinguistics; M.A. SUNY Stony Brook, English; B.A., Barrington College, English

Title: Professor



Nzinga Ajani

College: Hunter College

Email: najani@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7729

Title: Secretary to the Dean

Barbara Allier

College: Brooklyn College

Email: ballier@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-951-5000 x6454

Title: Administrative Assistant

Velvet Brown

College: Hunter College

Email: velvet.brown@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7722

Title: Program Secretary, S.P.H. -Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services

Diane Brows

College: Hunter College

Email: dbrows@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7721

Title: Academic and Student Services Administrator

Esther Cortorreal

College: Lehman College

Email: esther.cortorreal@lehman.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 347-577-4014

Title: Administrative Coordinator

Donna Covington-Hargrove

College: Lehman College

Email: donna@lehman.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 347-577-4059

Title: Academic Program Specialist

Lea Dias

College: Brooklyn College

Email: lcdias@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-951-5000 x2751

Title: MPH Program Coordinator

Michael Dunham

College: Hunter College

Email: mdunham@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7898

Title: Coordinator of Alumni Relations and Facilities

Zora Flores-Kitongo

College: Hunter College

Email: zfloresk@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7730

Title: Executive Assistant to the Dean

Sara Ingram

College: The CUNY Graduate Center

Email: singram@gc.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-817-7986

Title: Assistant Program Officer

Attiqa Mirza

College: Hunter College

Email: amirza@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7734

Title: Student and Alumni Coordinator


Chaquon Polanco

College: Hunter College

Email: chicks@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7731

Areas of Interest: Ms. Polanco is the Health Professions and CUNY School of Public Health liaison for Human Resources. She reviews and submits employment packets to HR and process full-time faculty, adjunct and college assistant contracts and/or PAFs and facilitate the Business Office functions (process invoices, reimbursements and purchase order requests) in conjunction with the Purchasing Department and Accounts Payable.

Title: Business Office Coordinator


Jerome Richardson

College: Hunter College

Email: jri0019@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7732

Title: Director of Business

Deborah Rubin

College: Lehman College

Email: deborah.rubin@lehman.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 718-960-8856

Title: Admissions Coordinator

Larisa Naftaliev

College: Hunter College

Email: lnaftali@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-481-4774

Degrees: B.S. in Physics and Mathematics with focus on Computer Science

Title: IT Specialist/Database Manager

Erica Sigmon

College: Hunter College

Email: esigmon@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Phone: 212-396-7733

Areas of Interest: Pre- and post-award grants management; prospect research

Degrees: MA, Near Eastern Studies, NYU; BA, Political Science, University of Pittsburgh

Title: Grants Coordinator