Brooklyn College

For 80 years, Brooklyn College has offered a core curriculum of liberal arts and sciences. Its general public health master’s program trains graduates for work as managers, administrators, researchers and planners in a variety of public-health jobs. Its master’s program in health care policy and administration prepares graduates for work in health-care and public health agencies as administrators and policy analysts.

Master of Public Health Program (MPH)

This program provides broad education in the core disciplines of public health including biostatistics, environmental and occupational health, epidemiology, health policy and management and social and behavioral dimensions of health. A specific focus of this MPH program is the health of urban populations and strategies to promote health equity. All students complete at least one course in each of the five core disciplines, a fieldwork placement and a capstone project. Each student selects a specialization, described below. Graduates plan and manage community and public health programs, assess and remedy public health problems, and participate in public health research studies. They are employed in local, state and federal health agencies; voluntary health organizations; community-based organizations; businesses and consulting firms; hospitals and health centers and policy and advocacy organizations.

MPH in General Public Health


Description: This specialization provides an overview of various public health sectors and offers students a broad understanding of the public health system. Graduates work in various health settings as managers, administrators, researchers, and planners.

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MPH in Health Care Policy & Administration


Description: This specialization provides students with an understanding of the health care and public health systems; the policy process; the political, social and economic context of health policies and the principles of program planning, development, budgeting, management and evaluation in organizational and community initiatives. Its specific focus is on the public health and health care sectors. Its graduates work as administrators and policy analysts in health care and public health agencies.

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