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POSTING DATE: November 23, 2016


  1. Develop, plan, coordinate and implement preconceptional, prenatal and interconceptional health promotion and behavior change workshops (i.e., Reproductive Health Care Planning & Goal Setting, Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships, Women’s Reproductive Health Care, Family Planning Options, Breastfeeding, Mental Health Wellness, Safe Sleep Practices, Preterm Prevention) to the target population of women of childbearing age (WCBA) in targeted Queens communities at the NYC Department of Education LYFE and Pathways to Graduation programs, NYCHA programs, churches (women’s & youth ministries), Daycare & Headstart programs, Shelter programs, and other appropriate community agencies.
  2. Assist in the conducting of provider education trainings on “Cultural Competency” to have perinatal health care and social support services providers understand the importance of providing culturally relevant and linguistic appropriate patient/client interventions.
  3. Assist at-risk women of child bearing age (WCBA), including adolescents, infants and children, in accessing various health and social support services through referrals and linkages to appropriate community resources.
  4. Coordinate the procurement of culturally relevant maternal/child and adolescent health education materials (i.e., brochures, videos, models, etc.) for the establishment of the organization’s Community Health Education Resource Center; and the distribution of the materials to women of childbearing age (WCBA) and community agencies as requested.
  5. Conduct focus groups for the collection of qualitative needs assessment data to support the organization’s effective community health planning.
  6. Coordinate an annual community-wide health fair event in one of the “targeted” Queens communities; and participate at other community health events to disseminate maternal/child health information.
  7. Represent the organization at community meetings; and participate on inter-agency advisory and sub-committees as delegated by the Executive Director.
  8. Establish professional linkages with regional maternal/child health and social support services providers to strengthen the organization’s community partnerships.
  9. Participate in staff meetings and staff development trainings.
  10. Perform special projects and any other tasks as requested by the Executive Director.



  1. Bachelor’s degree in Public Health; Community Health Education; or Health Promotion Management; Master’s degree preferred.
  2. Competent knowledge of health education theories and health behavior models.
  3. Ability to deliver health education messages effectively in one-to-one and group settings.
  4. Previous professional and or internship experience in maternal/child health.
  5. Strong organizing and multi-tasking skills.
  6. Excellent oral and written communication skills.

 HOW TO APPLY: Please contact Sharon Rumley, RN, MPH, EdD, Executive Director QCPC, Inc at